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The diffusion of the study of the Shroud   versione testuale

Those who study the Shroud must face another very important task which is to popularize the studies and research results guaranteeing that information is correct and accessible to everyone but also scientifically incontrovertible and lacking any prejudice and fundamentalism. Unfortunately, this did not always happen in the past and too often, instead of the the most important studies results, consequences of the most absurd and trivial discussions between opposing fundamentalisms totally lacking seriousness and without any scientific base reached public opinion. From France to Great Britain, from Spain to Russia, from Canada to the United States, from Mexico to Nicaragua, from Brasil to Argentine, from Japan to Australia and, of course, Italy, there are many centers where experts could, and actually are, carrying this important task out.
In 1959 Archbishop Maurilio Fossati founded "The International Center of Sindonology" in Turin. It has the purpose of promoting and coordinating the Shroud studies, research and initiatives, both in Italy and abroad, of supporting the Papal Custodian of the Shroud with any scientific, technical and organizational backup in the sindonology field, of gathering and keeping anything concerning the Shroud and of keeping, increasing and enhancing the Museum and Library of the Shroud collections (the Library also keeps a rich photographic documentation of the last two expositions). It’s a long time that the Center is working not only to coordinate and develop the Shroud research but also to provide a serious and correct wide range of information, particularly focusing on schools. It has therefore right from the start founded the journal "Sindon" which has become its official organ and has subscribers from all over the world and whose members have attended hundreds of congresses about the Shroud both in Italy and abroad. Lastly, the Center has followed the development of the one of a kind "Museum of the Holy Shroud" which was founded in 1937 and in 1998, its renovation year, became one of the most important and known Turin museums thanks to its exhibits richness and updated installations (a multimedia room and a modern four languages audio guide system to accompany each visitor).
The exhibits include: the reliquary that kept the Shroud from the seventeenth century to 1998, the one that was used to transfer it from Chambéry to Turin in 1578, the camera used by Secondo Pia to take photographs in 1898 and the original Pia and Enrie photographic plates, scientific exhibits documenting the various research from the beginning of the twentieth century, prints, books, coins from the sixteenth century to this day, a sixteenth century pictorial copy of the Shroud, a life-size statue of the Shroud print etc... More than 50.000 people from all over the world visited the Museum in the last three years.