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The first picture   versione testuale

May 25, 1898: that was the day the turinese lawyer Secondo Pia took some pictures of the Shroud. That date is a very important one, going beyond its historic meaning and undoubtedly representing a milestone in the Shroud history: in fact, that picture originated a totally new and fascinating period, that of the "scientific history" of the Shroud.
The discovery of "negativity" and the advantage of having pictures to study the image in detail became a really powerful tool for the diffusion of the Shroud enabling researchers to start with earnest and thorough studies of the impressions characteristics and origin.
More than a century elapsed ever since and the Shroud scientific research made huge steps reaching a then unthinkable knowledge but, despite all this, it stopped facing nowadays still unresolved issues.
To put it simply: no scientist has yet succeeded in reproducing an identic image to the Shroud one despite many proposed theories and experimental attempts.
Of course, this adds up to stressing the long lasting Shroud image mistery rousing an always new interest from all the experts and scientists of any research field.