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The Papal Throne is once again in Turin for the visit of Pope Francis   versione testuale
The chair was designed in 2010 by the Italian Chair District in the occasion of Pope Benedict XVI visit for the Holy Shroud Exposition

 During the visit of Pope Francis to Turin on 21st June, as requested by the Organizational Committee for the Holy Shroud Exposition 2015, the Italian Chair District will provide the same papal chair that the Friulian Company designed in 2010 for the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Turin on the occasion of the previous Shroud Exposition. Today the Chair is kept in the Abbey Church of Rosazzo in Manzano (Udine) and will be taken to Turin for Pope Francis’s visit.
“During the previous Exposition the Italian Chair District proved its commitment and ability to involve local entities and also its organizational efficiency – says Maurizio Baradello, Director-General of the Organizational Committee for the Shroud Exposition 2015 – A testimony that has remained vivid in the memory both of the Turin institutions and of the organizers of the event”.
“This is a global showcase for our territory and also for the Friulian wood-furniture industry too – comments Giusto Maurig, president of the Italian Chair District – we are renewing an important relationship, also thanks to the support of the Region, with the Italian Chair District in the forefront, to combine cultural and business promotion”.
The Italian Chair District, together with Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, is already preparing itself to take the best actions to encourage the participation and the promotion of this industry in one of the most important events at both the national and international level, with millions of visitors from all over the world.
“This partnership proves how the Region is interested in promoting projects of the Italian Chair District – says Carlo Piemonte, senior manager of Italian Chair District – again, our prominence is growing in global markets, thanks to the ability and the determination of the companies that are part of it, as shown by the economic data published these days.” Other chairs are being designed to complete the historical furniture of the rooms in the King’s apartment at the Royal Palace of Turin, where all the world figures will be received while visiting the Shroud.
“The Holy Shroud Exposition is an appointment that has created an unbreakable bond between our territory and the city of Turin – comments Mr Bolzonello, the regional assessor of Friuli Venezia Giulia. –since 2010,where 47 of our companies first participated, the Italian Chair District has developed a series of activities culminating in the present projects of business combination. Today this sector has become a positive business model at a national and international level. Examples of these are the nearly one hundred product and process certifications, something unique of its kind achieved to date. From this point of view the District’s Papal Chair not only represents a promotional opportunity, but it also provides healthy factor of growth for all of us”.
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