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Turin International Book Fair 2010 with the Holy Shroud    versione testuale
On Friday 14 May Cardinal Bagnaso will attend the cultural event

During the opening week of the Turin International Book Fair (Salone del Libro), the Holy Shroud has virtually moved inside the cultural event. Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, Archbishop of Genova and President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, will lead the lectio magistralis “Segni della memoria e la sfida educativa”, scheduled for Friday 14 May at 6 p.m. at the Yellow Room inside the Book Fair. The seminar is organized by Sant’Anselmo Association in cooperation with the National Service for the Cultural Project, the Archdiocese of Turin and the Union of Italian Catholic editors and booksellers.
On Wednesday 12 May, about a thousand of pilgrims from Casale and Monferrato visited the Holy Shroud and attended the solemn celebration led by Archbishop mons. Alceste Catella at the church of San Filippo. In addition, over 3.000 disabled and sick persons visited the Holy Shroud. Among the visitors: Lia Scarcella, Red Cross nurse for over 20 years and vice-president of the Red Cross of Milan; Padre Georgij Orechanov, vice-rector of the Orthodox University of Moscow, who declared: «I am thankful to God and the Vergin Mary for having the opportunity to pray before the most important relic of the Christian history. The Holy Shroud is not a created by the human being, but it is the work of God ».
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