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Photographs of the 2010 Exhibition: "A 45 day story"   versione testuale
30 photographers have been working on this project.

The 45 days of the Holy Shroud Exhibition have been photographed and a photo gallery has been created for the public. The initiative, named “Un racconto lungo 45 giorni”[1] is the result of the work of 30 photographers from 2 amateur photography groups of Turin (Sezione fotografica del Circolo ricreativo dipendenti comunali di Torino and Gruppo fotografico dell’associazione Ex allievi Fiat).
Every day since the beginning of the display, the photographers have been taking pictures of the most significant moments Holy Shroud Exhibition.
The result is a photo reportage that is on display at the Booking Centre in piazza Castello at the corner with via Palazzo di Città and on the official website - (here over 500 pictures are collected together.) This project was supported by Epson and Nikon, which respectively provided printers and cameras.
Epson and Nikon are the promoters of the backstage exhibition of the high resolutions pictures of the Holy Shroud, which was set up inside the Welcome Area (Lower Royal Gardens). Haltadefinizione company, from Novara, was in charge of producing finest quality photo enlargements of the Holy Shroud image, fruits of the campaign of 1649 photo shots made by a Nikon D3 camera.

[1] “A 45 day story”
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