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The sick   versione testuale

Welcome for the sick is a constant characteristic of the exhibition, due to the clear link between the Shroud and the suffering of the body, as well as to the "night of the spirit", anguish and solitude. In 2015 pilgrims suffering as a result of illness will receive special attention in the liturgy, and time and pastoral initiatives linked to the exhibition will be dedicated to them.
There are also some substantial new features: the pastoral ministry of healthcare in Turin has organized two structures for welcoming sick pilgrims and their carers who wish to visit the Shroud. In the "Maria Adelaide" and "Cottolengo" hospitals, very close to the Cathedral, seventy beds will be made available, organized on the basis of the Lourdes accueil model, with optional meals, at controlled prices.
In Turin in recent days a convention was signed by the local health authority ASL1, the diocese and the Cottolengo Hospital. Other reception points for brief stays (day-long) will be established at the Sermig premises in Borgo Dora, not far from the Cathedral.