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Message from the Mayor of Torino   versione testuale

Torino and its citizens welcome the announcement of a new public display of the Holy Shroud.

The city which for almost 500 years has been keeping with devoutness and proud this strong call to the central mystery of the Christian faith is again at the core of the world spirituality through the public exhibition of the Holy Shroud.

The event will make more extraordinary and stronger the bicentenary of Don Bosco, one of the city's dearest saints and important point of reference, especially for the youth.

In 2010, during the last exhibition of the Shroud which according to tradition wrapped the body of Jesus after his deposition from the cross, over two million faithful visited the Cathedral.

A greater number of people, through Internet and television, were able to watch the Shroud, accepting the invitation to pray and meditate for those who are in trouble, "contemplating, in the image, the pain of every man".

The City is not new to this call, already having in its history attitudes such as the attention to the others, the ability to welcome people, a strong humane feeling of piety and a sense of brotherhood characterized by concrete actions. The city has been intimately united to the Shroud for centuries, with its endless meanings and its ability to speak to all human beings.

Torino, the City of Social Saints, will be able to answer the call with sobriety and great depth, following the Pope's invitation "to come out of ourselves and of our beliefs", not forgetting our neighbours and their pain, especially when times are hard.

The City of Torino, as already done in past, will actively take part in this important event offering its architectural, artistic, cultural heritage, its professional experience, and willingness to contribute to its organization.

Torino will welcome all visitors coming from Italy, Europe and all over the world.

Piero Fassino

Mayor of Torino

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