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Message from the President of the Province of Torino   versione testuale

The Exhibitions of the last years have demonstrated that millions of pilgrims have come to Turin, not only to make a simple trip and visit a venerated relic, but for something more intense and deep that touches the soul and the spirit of each person. Any single Exhibition is an events in which it mix history, faith and popular devotion in a spiritual experience that put us face to a great mystery: the death and resurrection of Christ. In the last occasions when the Holy Shroud was exposed to the public, the city and the whole piedmont area have worked very seriously to prepare the event in a contest of great respect towards the pilgrims, who has overcome any cultural and religious differences. The accommodation and reception of the pilgrims have always worked fine, thanks to the Organizing Committee in which the Local authorities has worked in synergy and to thousands of volunteers that have become the true ambassadors of the traditions and of the spiritual and civil richness of the territory.

The next extraordinary Exhibition will coincide with the celebration of the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of St. Giovanni Bosco; the Salesian family will arrive from all over the world in the city of Turin where the Holy by his everyday example has teached how to educate young people to become a responsible men and women. I am sure that Turin and the Piedmont will be able to emphasize the importance of these two extraordinary events through the organization of initiatives of reception and information as excellent as the international reputation of the city.

Antonio Saitta
President of the Province of Turin

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