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Message from the President of the Piemonte Region   versione testuale

I intend to confer my complete adhesion  as President of the Piemonte Region to the Committee for the display of the Holy Shroud, which has been a firm reference point over the centuries for many devoted faithful, as well as a scientific case that does not cease to incur interest and worldwide attention.

Piemonte and Torino have been for a long time the custodians of the Holy Shroud, and this reason justifies their great responsibility in hosting such a precious and historical symbol rich in spiritual values.

Recently, along with my family, I had the fortune to personally take part and participate in the last display: it was a unique, touching experience for it was shared with other numerous faithful. Apart from personal religious convictions, I believe that the valorisation of the Holy Shroud could be an occasion  to re-launch the many religious itineraries that our territory offers.

Roberto Cota

President, Piemonte Region

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