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  • The pilgrimage Nice-Turin is concluded
    The group of 12 pilgrims who left France on 27 April arrived before the Holy Shroud
  • From the diocese of Ravenna the millionth pilgrim
  • Holy Shroud celebration with abbot of Montevergine
  • Piazza San Carlo is celebrating the arrival of Benedetto XVI
    Pope Benedetto XVI expressed His solidarity with sick persons, immigrants and temporary employees.
  • Juventus football players visit the Shroud
    On Tuesday also the Archbishop of Ottawa, Terrence Prendergast sees the relic
  • Exposition: 400 volunteer doctors and nurses
  • Shroud: the number of bookings grows
    Among the pilgrims a group of 50 Muslim and the Patriarch of the Armenian Catholic Church
  • The President of the Senate worships the Shroud.
    Today also a delegation of 55 members of the Italian Parliament.
  • The Shroud in the digital era
  • The Shroud on-line
    Millions of contacts registered on the official web site, Facebook and Youtube
  • Exhibition: great affluence to the Penitenzieria
    On Wednesday a group of Catholic professors saw the Shroud.
  • Shroud: visitors and pilgrims from the five continents
    Over 10,000 people at the Museum of the Shroud
  • Football players Bianchi and Flamini in front of the Shroud
    Many children and university students among the pilgrims
  • A large number of visitors for the Shroud
    Among them the actress Claudia Cardinale
  • Shroud: over 200,000 pilgrims in the first week
    On Sunday 18th April also 4,500 members of the army
  • Shroud: the day of confraternities
    Tonight the youngest believers will be the protagonists of the “White Night”
  • Reservations: 100,000 new bookings in two days
    BRACHETTI AND GRIBAUDO among the pilgrims of today.
  • Visits: Pilgrims from Egypt and Russia
    Success for the first Wednesday dedicated to disabled people.
  • Shroud: 20,000 visits on the 13th April
    Before the Linen Rom and Sinti communities
  • Being on time is important
    The entire system for the pilgrims welcome is based on the respect of the settled procedures
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