Technology at the service of the 2015 Exposition of the Holy Shroud


More than two million pilgrims were estimated to be in Turin for the Exposition of the Shroud which took place in the city’s cathedral from 19 April to 24 June, 2015. As it did in 2010 for this extraordinarily wide-reaching event, the Enzo Hruby Foundation in collaboration with Samsung Techwin, once again provided support to protect the relic and the route taken by visitors by utilising the latest generation of video surveillance technology. Turin based Centro Sistemi Antifurto designed and installed the video surveillance system required to monitor the areas dedicated to the Exposition, as well as the route taken by visitors and the surrounding areas. The images captured by the Samsung Techwin cameras were recorded and transmitted in real time to an operations centre at the police headquarters in Turin, to enable a quick response, if required, to any incidents.

Legnago based Riello UPS contributed to the success of the project by supplying the emergency power supply units for the system.


“The Committee was firmly dedicated to ensuring absolute peace of mind for everyone involved while the event took place,” explained Maurizio Baradello, director-general of the Organizing Committee for the Exposition. “It was an objective that all the parties involved in the project aimed to meet within a climate of positive cooperation between partners.” Surveillance and security services provided by law enforcement agencies were in place in the Exposition area and they were supported in their task by the surveillance network made available by the Committee.


“We are proud to have been able to offer our support in protecting the Exposition of the Holy Shroud for the second time,” said Carlo Hruby, Vice President of the Enzo Hruby Foundation. “The project is gratifying not only because of the object on which it is focused, but also due to the excellent cooperation that has been forged between public entities and the companies that joined us. This project is unique, being dedicated to an event with a global reach and very high symbolic value. However, it is also part of our Foundation’s commitment to protecting ecclesiastical treasures, which alone make up about 70% of Italy’s entire cultural heritage. A heritage which, together with the most important and well-known treasures and monuments, consists of a myriad of churches and oratories scattered throughout the country, very often without adequate protection against theft and vandalism. As a matter of fact, in 2014, as in previous years, churches were the places that saw the greatest number of thefts of cultural objects. Our hope is that a project focused on protection on such a large scale may also represent a stimulus to communicate the possibilities that technology offers us today with affordable costs, to protect these buildings.”


“Samsung Techwin’s technological contribution to this project is part of a wider context that sees our company involved in making the latest innovative security and video surveillance technology generally accessible,” said Fabio Andreoni, Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd’s Country Manager for Italy. “This philosophy is fully consistent with the intentions and goals of the Hruby Foundation, with which we are pleased to cooperate with in order to offer our expertise and our advanced technology for these important projects. Our contribution to protecting the immense Italian artistic and cultural heritage is also supported by the idea that all this can be of help in feeding a virtuous circle which is able to generate benefits for all involved, including the institutions, law enforcement agencies and private companies, and especially the visitors to the Exposition who were able to safely enjoy the experience with peace of mind.”