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On september 14 the Holy Shroud was transferred to Turin from Chambéry to shorten the trip of Carlo Borromeo, the Archbishop of Milan, who had made a vow to go worship the Sacred Linen. This was the first Turin exposition. The Shroud was then on display in many occasions in the following centuries, in the Cathedral and in piazza Castello, to celebrate liturgical feasts or … Continua a leggere »


As usual, the Shroud was exposed in the Cathedral to solemnize the wedding between prince Umberto II of Savoy and princess Maria Josè. During the exposition Giuseppe Enrie took a photograph of the Linen without the frame at the foot of the altar. Afterwards, it was shown to the believers from the Cathedral steps.  


It’s during this exposition, from may 25 to june 2, that Secondo Pia took the first photograph of the Linen revealing, through the image of the photographic negative, some details never discovered before. This end of XIX century exposition was in coincidence with an important show of sacred art and the celebration of a series of anniversaries like the fourth centenary of the building of … Continua a leggere »


From september 24 to october 15 the Shroud was exposed in the Cathedral of Turin to celebrate the extraordinary Holy Year in the XIX centenary of Redemption (the death and resurrection of Christ). For the 1933 exposition they used the 1931 frame (now kept in the church of the Holy Shroud) with an imperial added upon it and on its side (an allegory of eight … Continua a leggere »


The Shroud was exposed in the Royal Palace inside the Chapel of the Crucifix from june 16 to 18 to enable a study commission nominated by cardinal Michele Pellegrino to examine the Linen. It was than that coloured photos were taken for the first time.  


This was the first live broadcast exposition. On november 23 the Shroud was displayed vertically (and not lied down as usual) in the Salone degli Svizzeri of the Royal Palace and its image reached the houses of millions of people through the cameras. Then, some Linen threads and filaments were taken to make blood and microscopic tests.  


This was the solemn exposition to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the Shroud residing in Turin from Chambéry with the cloth on display above the Cathedral main altar from august 26 to october 8. It was the first exposition after 45 years. In the most dreadful period of the second world war the then archbishop of Turin, the cardinal Maurilio Fossati, took the Shroud to … Continua a leggere »


In 57 days, from april 18 to june 14 two million and 400 thousand people entered the Cathedral of Turin to view the Holy Shroud. Most of them came from Piedmont, Lombardy and other italian regions but many visitors (nearly 65,000) travelled for thousands of kilometers to see the Linen: pilgrims from Asia, from central and south America and even from Oceania. This was the … Continua a leggere »


The Jubilee exposition, the longest in recent history, lasted 72 days from august 12 to october 22 and had the same characteristics of the Jubilee pilgrimage. As a matter of fact, the visit route, if compared to the one in 1998, was enriched with areas that invited meditation, a penitentiary for the sacrament of Reconciliation and the chapel of Eucharistic worship. The visitors were more … Continua a leggere »