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The pilgrimage Nice-Turin is concluded   versione testuale
The group of 12 pilgrims who left France on 27 April arrived before the Holy Shroud

The pilgrims retraced by foot the path taken in 1718 by father Gian Lorenzo Buonafede Vanti from Santiago to Bologna; on Friday, 7 May, after walking for 248 kilometres they arrived before the Cathedral in Turin.
The group of 12 pilgrims left Nice on 27 April, crossed the Maritime Alps and the cuneese valley, and got to Turin on 7 May. They are 3 women and 9 men from 3 different groups: «Penitenti rossi» of the church of Santo Sudario of Nice, responsible for the organization of the pilgrimage; the Association «Amici di San Giacomo di Compostela»; the Association Strade cristiane d’Europa. Mario Collino, member of the Brotherhood of Saint Giacomo of Perugia, guided the group throughout the region.
Éscarene, Sospello, Tenda, Limone, Cuneo, Cussanio di Fossano, Savigliano and San Grato di Carmagnola are the legs of their journey. Here the pilgrims were warmly welcomed by local populations, hosted in parishes and municipal centres. During the path, the group was escorted by majors of Tenda, Borgo San Dalmazzo and Cuneo.
Mario Collino said: «We are very happy of our path. This is a path of faith and a great experience for the human being. Walking together helps getting to know each other, building authentic human relations and praying in unison. »
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