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Shroud: the day of confraternities   versione testuale
Tonight the youngest believers will be the protagonists of the “White Night”

Turin, 17th April 2010- Today about 2,500 people from Italy and some areas of France representing 156 confraternities have seen the Holy Shroud.

Among the pilgrims also the Archbishop of Chambéry, Philippe Ballot, along with a group of 50 believers, the Italian film director Liliana Cavani and around 1,000 people belonging to different ethnic communities of Turin.

Tonight, many boys and girls gathered in the Cathedral to worship the relic in occasion of the “White Night”. In the same hours, another group composed by over 200 young people are going to start a pilgrimage which will take them from Sant’Ambrogio di Susa to Turin. At the end of their walk, tomorrow morning, they are going to attend the religious celebration in the Dome and to worship the Holy Shroud.    
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